We’re geeks. Nerds. Friends scattered all over the country. Started in August of 2007, with a few compadres flying in to Chicago for Lollapalooza, one budding DJ thought he would help them prep for the event by introducing some of the music that’s going to be showcased.

Then, in typical DIY-nerd fashion, that fellow went overboard and distributed a couple of playlists as a podcast to be updated weekly.

We like putting together mixes and this seems like the easiest way to share it with you — whoever and wherever you are.

There’s not much more to it than putting together a playlist and maybe discussing the music or the musicians. I’m not ranting, giving opinions political or otherwise. I’m broadcasting a radio show — about an hour per episode. It’s in .mp3 format, so if you have an iPod — awesome for you because it will work. If you have something else computerized — you’re in luck, because it, too, will work for you. You can also just play it on the site itself.

Some of what gets played will be new to you. Some stuff you’ll like. Some stuff you’ll know (or forgot you knew). Some stuff you’ll hate. One week you’ll hear Emo. Another you’ll hear old-school rap. Around December you might get a mix of dirty and funny Christmas tunes. Just think of it as borrowing a mix-tape once a week from me.

If you’re ever interested in putting together a mix of your own, you should sit in as a guest or resident DJ. Here’s our small set of guidelines:

  • Each episode is about an hour (ish) long.
  • Each episode is in .mp3 or .m4a format for maximum compatibility (192Kbps).
  • Any genre of music is welcome and encouraged.
  • Include the artist, song and album information to give credit where credit is due — encourage people to buy the music they like for themselves and support the artists.
  • Playlists can have themes, or not. As long as the songs sound good together (at least to you), we care.
  • Voiceovers are encouraged, but not required. We like to get know the mixer as well as the mix.

That’s about it. We’ll make up the rest as we go along. Please subscribe and enjoy!

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