#27 – When the Prison Guards Are Out Sick


Brian and Judy talk with the fabulous Jane Bozarth about showing your work, mountain climbing, positive deviance, and your questions.

Be sure to register for Jane’s June 11 ASTD Webinar, Show Your Work!

The drinks

Brian drank Shiner Kosmos 

Judy drank Lady Grey tea because she couldn’t buy Mens Room

Jane drank Grimbergen Dubbel

The links

#26 – Learning Objectives are Cute


Brian and Judy have a super-fun conversation with guest Koreen Olbrish about immersive learning design, technology, and business, her upcoming book, and motivation.

We promise, the robot voice gets better after about 10 minutes, and we’re working on the audio quality in general.

The drinks

Brian drank Chimay Grande Réserve

Judy drank Urban Farmhouse Ale from The Commons Brewery

Koreen drank Once Upon a Vine Sauvignon Blanc

The links

#3 – Internships


In this episode I talk internships with Gus Granger (@GusGranger), Principal & Creative Director at 70kft, and President of AIGA Dallas/Fort Worth.


Show Notes:

AIGA Guide to Internships:
The Cost of Free Labor:
The AIGA Paid Internship Pledge:
Creative Go-Round Internship Application:


#25 – Westbound and Down


Brian and Judy catch up and talk about the tool-related stuff they’re doing at TechKnowledge 2013, which focuses on productivity tools. And we talk about other things we’re looking forward to in 2013.

The drinks

Brian drank Port Wine Porter from a homebrew buddy, the Brew Consultant.

Judy drank Proletariat Red from Lompoc Brewing

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Red Rover, Red Rover, Radio Genius Come Over

We here at Emergent Radio are absolutely thrilled to have Radio Genius join the network. Genius is a long-running geek music show (100+ episodes) started by friends in the mold of every show here on ER: spontaneously. While hosts varied on previous versions of this show, the new edition will feature Jim “The Beer Guy” Behymer (@JimTheBeerGuy) and Aaron “The Beard” Silvers (@AaronESilvers).

From the original “About” page:

We’re geeks. Nerds. Friends scattered all over the country. Started in August of 2007, with a few compadres flying in to Chicago for Lollapalooza, one budding DJ thought he would help them prep for the event by introducing some of the music that’s going to be showcased.

Then, in typical DIY-nerd fashion, that fellow went overboard and distributed a couple of playlists as a podcast to be updated weekly.

We like putting together mixes and this seems like the easiest way to share it with you — whoever and wherever you are.

Random, possibly meaningless, yet enlightening chatter, potentially epic drinks and superb music? What’s not to love? Thanks for joining the network, gentlemen, we’re happy to have you.

<tap tap> Hey, Brian? It’s Judy. Are you writing a blog post welcoming Radio Genius to Emergent Radio?

Yeah, I’m posting it tomorrow.

Aw, I want to do it. I’m listening to their first episode and I really like it.

I’m already mostly done with it.

Can I just say that I really enjoyed it because these guys introduced me to a lot of music and I never have time to just sit around and listen to music with friends and discover new stuff any more, but this was like that…kinda like living in Austin again, but with none of the musicians-standing-around-one-upping-each-other-over-obscure-bands?

Okay, sure. Everyone else, check out the first episode of the new and slightly improved Radio Genius, 2012 in Repose, right now!

#107 – 2012 in Repose


Jim and I return from extended hiatus with a swift (for us) overview of our favorite music from 2012. In a triumphant return-to-form, we illuminate some little known music geekery and go off on tangents.

Aaron's notebook with a Protomen sticker is ironic as he didn't put them on his best-of list.
Aaron’s notebook with a Protomen sticker is ironic as he didn’t put them on his best-of list.

Tracks featured:
The House That Heaven Built” by Japandroids
45” by Gaslight Anthem
I’m Gonna Try” by The Maldives
True Thrush” by Dan Deacon
I Want to Break Free” by The Protomen
WAVIP” by The Coup (with Das Racist and Killer Mike)
Watch the Corners” by Dinosaur Jr.

Show Notes:
Jim’s favorite albums of 2012
Paper Bag Records vs. David Bowie
Aaron’s Best-of-2012 Playlist

#24 – You Can’t Beer Everybody


Brian and Judy have a great conversation with Chad Udell about lots of mobile learning (mlearning) stuff (naturally), stuff that isn’t mlearning but people think is, home brewing, Letterpress strategy, and (as usual), we talk about other podcast guests behind their backs.

The drinks

Brian drank Yule Shoot Your Eye Out from Karbach

Judy drank Rudolph Imperial Red* from Three Creeks

Chad drank Merry Mischief Gingerbread Stout from Sam Adams

* Rudolph is indeed an imperial, so props to Chad on calling that. Judy neglected to mention that she liked it quite a lot by the end of the show.

The links

#23 – The Great DevLearn Wrap-Up


Brian and Judy do the great DevLearn wrap-up, and also talk about Brian’s series on accessibility and usability on the ASTD Learning Technologies blog, and team collaboration iOS apps. And we look ahead a bit to TechKnowledge 2013 and some very cool stuff that’s coming soon on Emergent Radio.

The drinks

Brian drank Phil’s Existential Alt from Full Sail Brewery

Judy drank Hitachino Nest White Ale from Kiuchi Brewery

The links

#22 – Because I’m a [Robot] Unicorn


Brian, Judy, and Megan Bowe talk about the Tin Can API and related issues: personal data lockers, data sharing, analytics, learning from the marketing department, our upcoming DevLearn presentations (no longer upcoming), and designing for the unknown. And, out of frustration with Skype, we talk VOIP tools. And Megan issues a challenge.

The drinks

Brian drank Chimay Grand Reserve

Judy drank Flemish Kiss from The Commons Brewery

Megan drank The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Flying Dog Brewery

The links

#21 – We Got Your Buzz Words Right Here


Judy talked and drank with Kris Rockwell and Reuben Tozman, and it was pretty much like this (thanks, Kris).

We talked about the parallel evolution of humans and technology, innovations in learning, HTML5, Tin Can, mlearning, gaming, gamification, and some of the new cliches of the learning world, including The Matrix and Captain Sully.

It was a conversation that could have gone on for hours (and particularly if we hadn’t kept getting interrupted by kid stuff), so we plan to record again soon with these guys.

The drinks

Judy drank Little Sumpin’ Wild from Lagunitas

Reuben drank Woodford Bourbon

Kris drank Johnny Walker Blue

The links