Red Rover, Red Rover, Radio Genius Come Over

We here at Emergent Radio are absolutely thrilled to have Radio Genius join the network. Genius is a long-running geek music show (100+ episodes) started by friends in the mold of every show here on ER: spontaneously. While hosts varied on previous versions of this show, the new edition will feature Jim “The Beer Guy” Behymer (@JimTheBeerGuy) and Aaron “The Beard” Silvers (@AaronESilvers).

From the original “About” page:

We’re geeks. Nerds. Friends scattered all over the country. Started in August of 2007, with a few compadres flying in to Chicago for Lollapalooza, one budding DJ thought he would help them prep for the event by introducing some of the music that’s going to be showcased.

Then, in typical DIY-nerd fashion, that fellow went overboard and distributed a couple of playlists as a podcast to be updated weekly.

We like putting together mixes and this seems like the easiest way to share it with you — whoever and wherever you are.

Random, possibly meaningless, yet enlightening chatter, potentially epic drinks and superb music? What’s not to love? Thanks for joining the network, gentlemen, we’re happy to have you.

<tap tap> Hey, Brian? It’s Judy. Are you writing a blog post welcoming Radio Genius to Emergent Radio?

Yeah, I’m posting it tomorrow.

Aw, I want to do it. I’m listening to their first episode and I really like it.

I’m already mostly done with it.

Can I just say that I really enjoyed it because these guys introduced me to a lot of music and I never have time to just sit around and listen to music with friends and discover new stuff any more, but this was like that…kinda like living in Austin again, but with none of the musicians-standing-around-one-upping-each-other-over-obscure-bands?

Okay, sure. Everyone else, check out the first episode of the new and slightly improved Radio Genius, 2012 in Repose, right now!