#0023 – Instrumental Magic


Kevin writes:

Instrumental Magic is named after one of those 1970s LP TV offers. I don’t own it but remember the commercials. This installment is a glorious trek through a series of instrumentals from Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra, the Walter Murphy Band, The Upsetters, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, The Dregs, Eric Weisberg, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Rush, Black Sabbath, Miguel, Miles Davis & John Coltrane, The Beatnigs, Wang Chung, The Pixies, Dick Dale, Primus, At the Gates, Iron Maiden, and Benny Goodman! Wow! ( kevindreed[at]gmail[dot]com)Note to users: Volume levels may go up and down a little on this one…I didn’t have time to troubleshoot.

Per Aaron — Kevin had my head explode with joy with Deliverance and Wang Chung.

2 thoughts on “#0023 – Instrumental Magic”

  1. I forgot how much I love banjo music and I really want to watch a 70’s crime drama. It’s so nice to hear your voice Kevin. While I was playing this in the basement, Frank walked by above and said, “Hey, is that Kevin Reed?” I said, “Hell yes!”
    Nice music, I’ll have to add this to my workout shuffle.

  2. Cool Bebe, thanks! I can picture you yelling “Hell yes!” If you have any requests let me know.

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