#0025 – File under: Songs I Keep in the Closet


These are the songs I’ve been locking away so society won’t judge me, but I can’t deny my love for them any longer.  The shame is eating away at me like a cancer, and it has to breathe free.  I give you Hall and Oates, Wang Chung, Tom Jones, Falco, ABC, Erasure, Nu Shooz, Jermaine Jackson, Gerardo, Snap!, Janet Jackson, Olivia Newton-John, New Edition, Queen, Kansas, ELO, A-Ha, Rod Steward, Chicago, Night Ranger and Michael McDonald.

3 thoughts on “#0025 – File under: Songs I Keep in the Closet”

  1. Four songs into this mix, I can tell you that it’s the best one yet. I want to blast it from a boombox on the rooftop like Lloyd in ‘Say Anything’ with the world as Diane’s bedroom window. Yeah.

  2. I’ve been crunching out contract work for two weeks, working 70-80 hrs/week. This was a nice addition to whatever the else I was listening to. The whole Twist of Fate dialogue made my Saturday night all worth while, while I sat pecking at the keyboard. Loved the Expose tune, and certainly Wang Chung, Tom Jones, the good Falco mix not the radio edit, ABC, Erasure, and a bunch more. Luckily, I had not heard Rico Suave since it was on MTV originally in the early 80s. Isn’t that guy selling bikes in Miami with Vanilla Ice? I just digitized my A-ha cassette…guess I’ll give at least one listen to the other songs besides Take on Me. That could change the trajectory of my whole life, for Christ sake.

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