#0025 – File under: Songs I Keep in the Closet


These are the songs I’ve been locking away so society won’t judge me, but I can’t deny my love for them any longer.  The shame is eating away at me like a cancer, and it has to breathe free.  I give you Hall and Oates, Wang Chung, Tom Jones, Falco, ABC, Erasure, Nu Shooz, Jermaine Jackson, Gerardo, Snap!, Janet Jackson, Olivia Newton-John, New Edition, Queen, Kansas, ELO, A-Ha, Rod Steward, Chicago, Night Ranger and Michael McDonald.

3 thoughts on “#0025 – File under: Songs I Keep in the Closet”

  1. Four songs into this mix, I can tell you that it’s the best one yet. I want to blast it from a boombox on the rooftop like Lloyd in ‘Say Anything’ with the world as Diane’s bedroom window. Yeah.

  2. I’ve been crunching out contract work for two weeks, working 70-80 hrs/week. This was a nice addition to whatever the else I was listening to. The whole Twist of Fate dialogue made my Saturday night all worth while, while I sat pecking at the keyboard. Loved the Expose tune, and certainly Wang Chung, Tom Jones, the good Falco mix not the radio edit, ABC, Erasure, and a bunch more. Luckily, I had not heard Rico Suave since it was on MTV originally in the early 80s. Isn’t that guy selling bikes in Miami with Vanilla Ice? I just digitized my A-ha cassette…guess I’ll give at least one listen to the other songs besides Take on Me. That could change the trajectory of my whole life, for Christ sake.

  3. Namaste, my friends. I honor the place where my quixotic music tastes and your nostalgia become one.

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