#0027 – File under: Generation Xmas


Happy Holiday Season to you, regardless of your affinity or affiliation.  This mix contains holiday-themed tunes by MXPX, The Ramones, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Elvis Presley, Barenaked Ladies, Nerf Herder, The Eels, South Park, Clarence Carter, Otis Redding, MC Chris, Run-DMC, Bing Crosby, Fall Out Boy, No Doubt, The Walkmen, Dylan Thomas, David Bowie, The Pogues and Wham!

One thought on “#0027 – File under: Generation Xmas”

  1. Thanks for the Lou Reed song, hadn’t heard that one before. Listened to this mix driving 90 miles back home from work parially blinded by conjuctivitis, wracked with multiple infections. It helped.

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