#0032 – File under: The Battle of the Bobs

Bob Marley owns all other Bobs in popular music.


  1. Positve Vibrations
  2. D’yer Maker – Led Zeppelin
  3. Crazy Baldhead
  4. The Act We Act – Sugar
  5. Johnny Was
  6. Hurricane (Live) – Bob Dylan
  7. Showdown at Big Sky – Robbie Robertson
  8. Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack
  9. Concrete Jungle
  10. Heading Out to the Highway – Judas Priest
  11. Iron Lion Zion
  12. Night Moves – Bob Segar

10 thoughts on “#0032 – File under: The Battle of the Bobs”

  1. D’yer Maker is pronounce “ja” maker short for “did you maker her”, no she came on her own accord.

    Keep Rockin

  2. I stand corrected, but it’s still a lame song for Zeppelin. I expect every song to be as awesome as The Rain Song, or Your Time is Gonna Come.

  3. Okay, with the exception of the aforementioned D’yer Maker and maybe Robbie Robertson’s solo work (with the BoDeans, Bono, Edge and Peter Gabriel — if you can call that a “solo”), you’re really telling me that Dylan’s Hurricane is weak? Dude, that’s like one of my favorite Dylan tracks.

    How about 110th Street? I even put in a strong word for Bob Seger.

    You’re killing me, Smalls!

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