#0035 – That Lonesome Whistle


Gen1us iconYou’re riding the train–maybe you’re on your way to work, or back home from work, or to meet friends, or to a job interview. Whoever you are and wherever you’re going, right now you’re between places, disconnected. Your own earbuds and the newspaper masks of the strangers around you only add to this sense of isolation. This is a soundtrack for staring out of windows as the world rolls by.

I’m not doing any track announcing during this set–don’t want to spoil the mood–so here is a tracklist.

  1. Jesu Silver
  2. Elliott BroodTwill
  3. pinebenderSimp Twister
  4. Boards of CanadaOscar See Through Red Eye
  5. David BowieWarszawa
  6. October FallsI
  7. Clutchy HopkinsPara Los Ninos
  8. OceansizeAn Old Friend of Christy’s
  9. TaintThe Idol/The Memory
  10. GownsClawless
  11. Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillyHard Life
  12. ShearwaterLa Dame et La Licorne
  13. AlcestLes Iris

4 thoughts on “#0035 – That Lonesome Whistle”

  1. Very nice, the cool thing was that I’d not heard of any of these bands save Bowie before, especially liked Jesu. Now, I just need a train to ride.

  2. I listened to it as the backdrop to my train ride home last night. I don’t know the song off hand that was playing at 44:00 into the mix, but it was haunting and beautiful… and it was just then that I decided to murder someone, just because I think the soundtrack would have fit the scenario just right.

    It totally feels like the train, though. I was listening to it and watching people on their cell phones — everyone’s talking, but not to each other.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Aaron I think that was the Oceansize track playing at around that point in the mix. What would your weapon of choice be? That track has garrote vibes toward the beginning but gets all ice-picky toward the end so I’m torn.

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