#0039 – File under: Altered Beast


First off, thanks to all you listeners and subscribers for a record week of people checking us out.

Have you ever had a love that was lost in the annals of time and space, only to have that voice echo across the room in a pitch of serendipity that took you back to a time and place where you felt completely vulnerable? This mix is not about that. It’s just a collection of tunes that I’m listening to this week.

Tracks inlude:

  1. Rock and Roll – The Velvet Underground
  2. I Wanna Be Your Dog – Uncle Tupelo
  3. If She Wants Me – Belle & Sebastian
  4. I Wanna Be Adored – The Stone Roses
  5. My Favourite Book – Stars
  6. Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
  7. Triops Has Three Eyes – They Might Be Giants
  8. They Are Night Zombies!! – Sufjan Stevens
  9. If You’re Into It – Flight of the Conchords
  10. Section 32: The Championship – The Polyphonic Spree
  11. Black Like Me – Spoon
  12. Alex Chilton – The Replacements
  13. The Wrath of Marcie – The Go! Team
  14. The Wild Sea – The Aquabats
  15. D.A.N.C.E. (with Spank Rock and Mos Def) – Justice
  16. Smash Your Head – Girl Talk

6 thoughts on “#0039 – File under: Altered Beast”

  1. Good one, hadn’t heard a single song on this one. Liked every one, some more than others. My boundries have been further expanded.

    Nostrils. Ice bullets. I wish I had video of that event.

  2. They Are Night Zombies!! is a favorite of mine, and you’ve surely robbed me of a track for a future mix. Drobo is not pleased.

  3. I’m slowly absorbing that album, dude. It’s kinda like developing a taste for a certain type of wine. Sufjan Stevens is a flavor I’m just starting to build up to.

  4. Also, I still maintain that repeating a track now and then is not a bad thing. It’s eventually going to be impossible as some mixes are just “perfect” if they include a certain song.

    That said, I’m still continuing to try my hand at not repeating the same song (or at least not the exact same recording).

  5. excellent mix brother, checked it out earlier. remind me to play the bluegrass modest mouse tribute album i have for you sometime. when I got to your modest mouse track I had to bust it out briefly.

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