#0043 – Commercial Interests


DJ Scott: No, you’re not going to hear Pink Floyd’s Money or Industrial Disease by Dire Straits in this mix. The title stems from the appearance of these songs in recent television commercials. This playlist is actually pretty interesting even though advertisements can be really annoying. I’ve linked to the associated commercials on YouTube below if you’re interested.

Tracklist (click a song title to buy the high quality, DRM-free MP3 from Amazon):

  1. Everybody’s Happy Nowadays – The Buzzcocks (AARP)
  2. The Funeral – Band of Horses (Ford)
  3. Sky Blue Sky – Wilco (VW)
  4. So Here We Are – Bloc Party (Saturn)
  5. How Can it Be? – Forever Thursday (JC Penney)
  6. Hello Goodbye – Jump5 (close enough) (Target)
  7. The W.A.N.D. – The Flaming Lips (Dell)
  8. Such Great Heights – The Postal Service (UPS)
  9. Souvenirs – Architecture in Helsinki (Sprint)
  10. Remind Me – Royksopp (Geico)
  11. Love Train – Wolfmother (Apple)
  12. Mad World – Michael Andrews & Gary Jules (Gears of War)
  13. Space Walk – Lemon Jelly (Friskies)
  14. Thriller – Michael Jackson (Sobe)

5 thoughts on “#0043 – Commercial Interests”

  1. I must amend my previous comment.

    Dude, half the songs on here are very tight, and if I wasn’t paying attention to the actual ads, I would be enthralled by those songs (Band of Horses, Lemon Jelly and Buzzcocks, especially).

    But Jesus… Jump 5’s Target cover of “Hello Goodbye” makes me want to find poor little kittens wandering the front yards of Chicago and destroy them. I’ve never felt so incited to violence since the unveiling of aforementioned Shamrock Whore.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to follow this up with Liquid Swords and other Wu Tang classics.

  2. I always hate to hear tight bands selling out to crap products (you listening, Flaming Lips?). Wolfmother is awesome.

  3. Just caught up with this one…How’d you like to hang out at an ad executive’s party, eh? Tepid. I agree with Aaron’s view of Hello Goodbye cover. Jesus. The first part of this collection was soothing and I almost wandered off to a mall to tread aimlessly with a glassy look in my eyes. Royksopp good, Wolfmother good, Mad World is a great damn song. Commentary was hilarious.

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