#0049 – Strong On His Mountain


Gen1us iconI think the reason Aaron even asked me to do some shows here on Radio Gen1us in the first place is ’cause he was hoping I’d do a metal show. ‘Cause I am totally metal. Believe it. Anyway, now I’ve gone and done it and god help those of you who listen. Metal is not an easy genre for many people to listen to; it’s more often ugly than beautiful and it celebrates things we don’t normally like to think about, like aggression and malevolence. But it can also be very rewarding. In this mix, I try to ease you into it, but overall I’m not pulling many punches.

  1. Amon AmarthPursuit of Vikings
  2. Rebellion Ynglinga Saga (To Odin We Call)
  3. Dissection Retribution – Storm of the Light’s Bane
  4. Primordial Gallows Hymn
  5. October FallsFuneral Pyres
  6. Kroda Gnarled Cudgels of Thunder
  7. Darkthrone Paragon Belial
  8. Immortal Within the Dark Mind
  9. Mastodon Crusher Destroyer
  10. Gojira The Heaviest Matter in the Universe
  11. High On FireDevilution
  12. Arsis Wholly Night
  13. Carcass Incarnated Solvent Abuse
  14. Decapitated The Eye of Horus
  15. Kiuas Warrior Soul

Also, scattered throughout the mix are snippets of audio from one of the most metal movies of all time. You have probably already guessed what the movie is just based on the title of the mix.

2 thoughts on “#0049 – Strong On His Mountain”

  1. Ok i’m behind on shows, but listened to this one as my first catch up…very nice. Takes me back to my roots. I used to read Robert E. Howard in 7th grade, and was openly mocked for the cover of the paperback Hour of teh Dragon, featuring Conan “in steel underwear.” No worries. I remember seeing Conan in the theatres…people cheering when they first saw Arny on the wheel…

    Favorites were 1-6, with track 6 reminding me of a spritely nymph in chain mail darting amongst the misty boulders and trees…or something. Cool sound of heavy guitars and a flute-like tone. 9 and 10 were great, 11 I liked as it was like a mix of Ministry with Sabbath guitar tones…All new to me except Carcass. All good stuff.

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