#0072 – 2008 In Repose


It had to happen, as it does just about everywhere this time of year:  a year-in-review show.  I’ve been through several iterations of this mix with a few different approaches to get to here.  It’s been difficult.  I thought about highlighting music that I discovered this year, not necessarily stuff that came out this year, but anything I discovered you’ve heard in the previous episodes. We also got in about another 43 shows of Radio Gen1us this year, which is huge.

So I decided to highlight songs you’ve not heard (probably) on albums that came out this year:

2 thoughts on “#0072 – 2008 In Repose”

  1. This is one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a while. Zeroes is a good jump-off point, as I see that on morning TV quite often, along with all the kid shows we watch. But everything else was new to my ears. I don’t think there was a song on here I didn’t like. This one will be on the play list.

    Well done laddy!

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