Heavy Heeter

At first I thought I’d split this into two mixes, but after listening to it, 90 minutes is perfect for this set of songs; it just took on a life of it’s own. There’s a lot of newer stuff on here, with some classics tossed in for depth. I don’t talk on it, partly for length but also partly because I think the heavy mixes sound better with no voice on them. I might change my mind back, but that’s where I stand on this controversial issue for now.

This playlist goes out to my buddy D. Heeter and is thus named – thanks for all your help and your friendship over the last few years man.


  1. Clutch – Mice and Gods
  2. Black Label Society – World of Trouble
  3. Austrian Death Machine – Hello California / Get to the Choppa!
  4. Icepick – Born to Crush You
  5. Ramallah – Ramallah
  6. Pro Pain – Where We Stand
  7. Where Fear and Weapons Meet – Under the Bridge
  8. Blood for Blood – Maldito
  9. Puya – Oasis
  10. Born of Osiris – Bow Down
  11. Hatebreed – Betrayed by Life
  12. Madball – Show No Fear
  13. Cavalera Conspiracy – Hearts of Darkness
  14. Nailbomb – Sh*t Pinata / For F*ck’s Sake
  15. If Hope Dies – Anthem for the Unemployable
  16. Where Fear and Weapons Meet – Not a Trend
  17. Since the Flood – I Am What I Am
  18. Deftones – 7 Words
  19. Motorhead – Buried Alive
  20. Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild
  21. Disfear – Get it Off
  22. Throwdown – S.C.U.M.
  23. Primer 55 – Bullsh*t
  24. Gojira – Vacuity
  25. Down – Bury Me in Smoke

4 thoughts on “Heavy Heeter”

  1. its HEETER ya stupid craka! THANKS MAN! awesome. beautiful portrayal of that fine ironic line where the rage turns into a smile through music playlist medium. NICEMUTHAFUKINWORK peace

  2. Excellent mix! You know a double dose of Clutch gets my blood pumping. It’s been a while since I heard Puya, and Oasis was one of their better songs, so it was nice to hear it. In the world of Schwarzenegger-themed metal I prefer Arnocorps to Austrian Death Machine but I’ll take it 🙂 And there was a bunch of good stuff in there that I hadn’t heard. Very nice! And posted so soon after your last mix! Do you have a backlog that we’re going to get all at once?

  3. You nickpicking bastard! Ok I changed it to “Heeter.” I ain’t never had to write your name, you know. Glad you liked it. You turned me back on to Clutch after I just sort of forgot about them after I saw them during the Anthems tour. And of course BLS, ADM, Ramallah, Deftones, all great stuff you turned me on to, so thanks.

  4. Thanks Jim, means a lot coming from a fellow metal-goon like you. No backlog, just a new setup on my laptop. I was mixing on the Tower of Power home desktop but that meant time set aside just for that. So now I’m Mobile-Mix-Master-X, and can build stuff while I work, finally. I still need to run vinyl and cassette through my desktop, and mix songs w/Sound Forge on there, but that’s okay, less time. I’ll check out Arnocorps.

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