#0057 – IRON DJ – This Mortal Coil


KevinKevin – This mix just pretty much goes after the theme of life and death head-on.  Kafwacko.

Since I’m a technical rube, I cannot insert cool images into my post without bulbous blue borders or exploded text resulting.

  1. ELO – I’m Alive
  2. Missing Persons – Destination Unknown
  3. The Alarm – Strength
  4. Steve Martin (edit from Rambin’ Man)
  5. Jimmy Buffett – Cowboy in the Jungle
  6. Love & Rockets – No New Tale To Tell
  7. Bruce Springsteen – Candy’s Room
  8. Social Distortion – Story of my Life
  9. Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today
  10. Otep – Perfectly Flawed
  11. Neil Young – Dead Man, Round Stones Beneath the Earth/Guitar Solo # 5/Edit
  12. Morrissey – Margaret on the Guillotine
  13. Jaws of Life – The Way to Go Out
  14. Gary Numan – I Die: You Die
  15. The Fools – Life Sucks, Then You Die
  16. The Feelies – It’s Only Life
  17. Ralph Stanley — O Death
  18. Queen — Dead, All Dead

5 thoughts on “#0057 – IRON DJ – This Mortal Coil”

  1. So I see you girls have started voting for your own mixes now. That’s fair I suppose. Though how you could not only bring yourself to play a Jimmy Buffett tune but then respect yourself enough afterwards to put your name on the mix and then vote for it, I’ll never know.

    Still you get major points for the Love & Rockets, which was the very first song I ever learned on the guitar. Also your 1-2-3 lineup was strong and the Steve Martin bit was a ton of fun.

  2. Logically, if you won’t vote for yourself then why would anyone vote for you to begin with — OR DON’T YOU WANT TO WIN???? MAYBE YOU’RE AL GORE IN 2000…

    OK, that was harsh.

    I agree with Jim — Kevin, you’re 1-2-3 punch was super-duper strong. I particularly like the Springsteen song, which was a nice surprise. And who doesn’t need some SOCIAL D?

    I have no problem with the Buffett. I was surprised at how mellow you approached death. It raises metaphysical questions to me.

  3. I didn’t vote for myself, silly people, nor will I in the future. That’s my pledge to you, oh RG’ers. I have a certain context on Buffett. I was listening to him when he was ‘new’ in the late 70s, via my older sister. Then me and one of my HS buddies listened all thru HS, to the horror of most of those around us. Around 85 or 86 his popularity exploded and changed the dynamic. However, I stand by his old stuff and what he was to me then. So gack on my bulbous. Thanks on the 1-2-3 ya’ll. Death is a big topic with my heavy stuff, so I actually enjoyed lining up a more mellow take.

  4. “Gacking on the Bulbous” is one of my favorite phrases you introduced into my life, and it is the one I most miss in daily conversations.

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