Music Talk 22 Feb

Our first discussion format show includes tracks by High on Fire, Gil Scott-Heron, The Editors, OK Go, Motorpsycho, Notorious B.I.G. and The Urge. You’ll like it!



We’ve started a new format on Radio Gen1us.  We’re not ditching our mixtapes — but we’re trying to be a bit more regular about podcasting.  Quite frankly, doing a discussion format is a lot easier to do, and it’s a bit more timely.  So if you’re jonesing for some nerd-out over music, then you’ll like this.

We’ve also consolidated our categories on the blog to channels.  Mixtapes is one, Music Discussion another (this means there may be other channels to come, eventually).

In the meantime, Jim and I had a lot of fun doing this show. We’re definitely going to do this more often (likely every other week) and still, sporadically put out playlists.  So if you like this, please give us some comment love and let us know what you think.  We’re always interested in having others participate and with this format, it’s really really easy to Skype in and rock out.

Music featured on our show today includes:

  1. High on Fire – Fire, Flood & Plague
  2. Gil Scott-Heron – New York is Killing Me
  3. The Editors – Papillon
  4. OK Go – End Love
  5. Motorpsycho – Mr. Victim
  6. Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy
  7. The Urge – Closer

5 thoughts on “Music Talk 22 Feb”

  1. Aaron thanks for introducing me to OK set very high standards when talking about the band..and dude do they live up to the expectation or wat!! Love it.

  2. @Suresh I felt the same way. As a huge, HUGE Prince fan when I was getting the recommendations to check it out I was very skeptical. But I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the album.

    Jim’s right, that what’s missing is the killer guitar work, but I think the album certainly stands fine on its own as a pop/rock album; and in terms of that sound… it’s the best thing to come around of its kind in a very long time.

  3. there’s a certain unquantifiable sexiness missing from the vocals as well–as closely as they were able to ape the Prince & the Revolution vocal styles–that the Purple one brings without even really meaning to. But still, it was a good song.

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