#0059 – My I-5 Drive


Kevin – It’s been since 1994 or so since I’ve paid too much attention to any new music except for metal and hardcore, in which I stay current to keep mentally on track day to day. The lack of involvement is directly related to two things — no money, and no time as I’ve been working long, long hours for well over a decade. So, thanks to working at home (and taking a break from management), more free time from commuting just a few times a week, a ton of great Pacific Northwest bands, a solid local music scene, and a great local radio station playing bands from around the world, I’ve been turned back on to new music, and man (news to me), there’s some great stuff out there! Here are just a few of my favorites to date, and as mixes go on I’ll keep adding more and more new songs to the great older stuff that I still can’t get enough of. Special thanks to Seattle’s University of Washington station KEXP listener supported radio for good playlists all the time, making the drive up/down Seattle’s I-5 a good one. You are reminiscent of WHFS in Baltimore in the 1980s, one of the greatest stations for alternative rock ever, but your range is wider.

  1. We Barbarians – Yesmen and the Bumsuckers
  2. British Sea Power – Waving Flags
  3. The Whore Moans – I Say Blood Three Times
  4. Blue Sky Black Death – A Private Death
  5. Big Quarters – Sign of the Times
  6. The Heavy – Coleen
  7. We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices
  8. Emmanual Jal – 50 Cent
  9. Kassin+2 – Samba Machine
  10. Pacha Massive – Pachangueando
  11. Firewater – Electric City
  12. Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules Theme
  13. What Made Milwaukee Famous – Resistence Street
  14. A Place to Bury Strangers – Missing You
  15. Cadence Weapon – The New Face of Fashion
  16. Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think
  17. Head Like a Kite – Before We Go to Bed

4 thoughts on “#0059 – My I-5 Drive”

  1. Dude, what a great mix. I’ve heard none of this before and I like every single song in here. For some reason the British Sea Power tune reminds me of The Call with the whole new wave guitar reverberated thing that I’m always a sucker for.

  2. Yeah I can’t stop listening to that one. There’s something addictive about it. Chuck D. He’s just plain cool.

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