#0103 – Run ’93

Fall of 1993. I was beginning my second year at my third university, living at home, working for minimum wage at a used CD shop, driving my beat-to-hell 1984 black Ford Thunderbird. No girlfriend, my buddy Adam’s old driver’s license so I had a fake ID and I was living the high life.
This is what I was listening to on some AM station in Milwaukee back then. Maybe it was WLZR-AM?
  1. Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Iron Lion Zion” – 06:12
  2. Belly – “Feed the Tree” – 03:19
  3. Smashing Pumpkins – “Disarm” – 02:56
  4. Pearl Jam – “Rearviewmirror” – 04:34
  5. The Cranberries – “Dreams” – 04:23
  6. Radiohead – “Stop Whispering” – 05:07
  7. Pet Shop Boys – “Can You Forgive Her?” – 03:44
  8. Prince – “17 Days” – 05:14
  9. Big Country – “The One I Love” – 04:55
  10. Jellyfish – “The Ghost At Number One” – 03:25
  11. The Breeders – “Cannonball” – 03:23
  12. Dinosaur Jr. – “Start Choppin” – 05:20
  13. Tears for Fears – “Break It Down Again” – 04:11
  14. Ub40 – “Higher Ground” – 03:43
  15. Stereo MC’s – “Connected” – 04:28
  16. A Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relaxation” – 03:11
  17. American Music Club – “Over and Done” – 03:01
  18. U2 – “The First Time” – 03:22
  19. Crowded House – “Pineapple Head” – 03:27

#0078 – Get Up to Get Down

In another first for Radio Gen1us, Jim and Aaron tag-team to bring you the most awesomest mix so far this… month! No voiceover. No explicit lyrics (or hardly recognizable). You can’t help but move to your own beat listening to this mix.


In another first for Radio Gen1us, Jim and Aaron tag-team to bring you the most awesomest mix so far this… month!  No voiceover.  No explicit lyrics (or hardly recognizable).  You can’t help but move to your own beat listening to this mix.

Aaron:  We wanted to do something stemming from all the excitement and joy around the Inauguration.  And even though the times are certainly getting tight for us and everyone we know, we’re doing our best to keep spirits up.  We started each with a set of songs with the premise of being positive, but not love songs or not overly sappy songs. This was a challenge for me, because I have a certain leaning to going ironic and witty.  Fortunately, when it came time to actually get together we scrapped that.  There could easily be an entire episode with just us talking about how we collaborated on this mix, working off each other and how we generally approach putting together mixes, but this time we’re just going to make you shake your money maker.

Jim:  He should have called it “Jim and Aaron at Tanagra.”  2 playlists met in the vasty deep and their captains could only communicate in the language of music.  We didn’t have time to put together any voiceovers but the mix doesn’t need it ’cause I think if you check it out you’ll be feeling us by the end.  Like Aaron said, we started out trying to do an upbeat celebrational inaugurational mix, but the conversation ended up in other places.  Darmok, baby.  Darmok.

  1. The Beach Boys – Dance, Dance, Dance
  2. Was, Not Was – Walk the Dinosaur
  3. The Spinners – Rubberband Man
  4. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Up Around the Bend
  5. The Submarines – You, Me and the Bourgeoisie
  6. The Hold Steady – How a Resurrection Really Feels
  7. The Call – Let the Day Begin
  8. The Beastie Boys – Stand Together
  9. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Young Nation Mix)
  10. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
  11. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough
  12. Luther Allison – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  13. Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine
  14. Al Green – Take Me to the River
  15. Matisyahu – King Without a Crown
  16. The Pogues – Fiesta

#0012 – File under: Lounge Act


Insomnia after a decent mid-afternoon nap and a good weekend meeting new friends brings you an eclectic mix from the likes of Lily Allen, William Shatner and Ben Folds, Röyksopp, Chemical Brothers, Alexkid, Mos Def, Smashing Pumpkins, Damian Marley, Moonbabies, Serge Gainsbourg, Matisyahu, Super Furry Animals, Broadcast, Neil Finn & Friends, Donovan, Sheila E., The Streets, Crowded House, A Tribe Called Quest and my local fave, Sleep Out.
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