Gen1us News for May

Iron Deejay

We are so happy to open up this idea for a gentlemen’s wager to the masses. The idea is really really simple: Everyone starts with some of the same core ingredients and produces an hour(ish) playlist. You email gen1usradio[at] when your mix is ready to go and we’ll get your mix up.

All entries are due by May 30 so that they’re ready to be listened to on June 1.

After a highly scientific and thoroughly vetted criterium, we agreed that for this challenge all combatants vying for the title “IRON DEEJAY” will begin their mixes with the song “I’m Alive” by Electric Light Orchestra (yes, the song from the 1980 Soundtrack “Xanadu” which you can’t download from AmazonMP3, but you can find on iTunes Music Store). We’ll also end the same mix with the song “All Dead, All Dead” by Queen (off the 1977 album “News of the World”).

That’s it. Keep it an hourish just like we do on the show (which means you can go well over, just like we do). June 1, you’ll hear who’s got what it takes to be named IRON DEEJAY.