#14 – Phoning it In


A brief episode about Project Tin Can, next-generation SCORM, activity streams and much more, with our special guest and friend, Aaron “The Beard” Silvers. Stick around for the second half, in which Aaron talks about positivity, Up To All Of Us, entrepreneurship, experience design, pushing the community forward, and much more. Oh, and a special announcement about DevLearn 2012. Pour yourself a drink and settle in.

Aaron wants to make sure it’s abundantly clear that his thoughts are his own, not ADL’s.

About Tin Can: They are taking an agile approach. They also want community feedback and involvement. It will be better if you get involved.

The Drinks

Aaron drank Root.

Brian drank Raven Mad and Hop Henge.

Judy drank Genius Loci’s 2006 Pinot Noir.

The Links