The Second Gilded Age


(Kevin) – Last month or so I saw a terrific Bill Moyers episode on PBS called the Second Gilded Age, and that show inspired this heavy, hardcore mix, which I’ve cleverly named, The Second Gilded Age. The 3 videos that make up the show are available here, if interested . I listen to mixes over and over, and I like to put in samples of things that I either think are funny, disturbing, or that make me think about something, and these samples are designed to keep what’s happening today in the USA fresh in my mind when I listen to this mix. I like to drill key concepts into my own brain.  EAT THE RICH! Or at least the bad ones, anyway.

  1. Hear this Prayer for Her – Kingdom of Sorrow
  2. Confrontation – Otep
  3. Watch Yourself – Ministry
  4. The Death and Resurrection Show – Killing Joke
  5. Are We Alive? – Terror
  6. Gasping for Air – Jungle Rot
  7. Stand As One – Strife
  8. Surrender to Your TV – Shelter
  9. Seeing Red – Minor Threat
  10. Kill Your Idols – Static X
  11. As the Coil Unwinds – The Destro
  12. Deliverance – Earth Crisis
  13. Striving Higher for a Better Life – Warzone
  14. Coma America – Amen
  15. Build a Nation – Bad Brains
  16. F*** It All – Death Before Dishonor
  17. Mindlock / Iced – Malevolent Creation
  18. Modern Age Slavery – Beneath the Massacre
  19. God, I Hope the Data is Lying – Zombie Apocalypse
  20. Repeat Process – 100 Demons

Also, for anyone who likes the heavy stuff, I’ve re-issued the now-classic Vociferous Convulsant heavy mix. I liked the flow of songs on the mix, but after one listen was tired of hearing myself talk so much, so I went back and cut most of the audio out to a bare minimum, which also had the added benefit of getting the mix down to an hour. So, if you like these mixes, check this one out again.

#0041 – Restless Leg Syndrome


Gen1us icon“People with RLS feel uncomfortable sensations in their legs, especially when sitting or lying down, accompanied by an irresistible urge to move about.” Like they got ants in their pants and they just gotta dance? “…often described by people as burning, creeping, tugging, or like insects crawling inside the legs.” So, that’s a yes.

Am I really going to mock what I’m sure is a severely inconvenient affliction, just for a title for this post? Of course not. Well, maybe a bit.

These are the kinds of songs that interface directly with your nervous system. Prepare for a case of happy feet.

  1. Andrew Vincent and the Pirates – Bahamas
  2. Glittertind – Flaumen Gar, I Norge er Var
  3. OOIOO – uma
  4. Cloak/Dagger – JC Pays the Bills
  5. Thomas Dolby – The Key to Her Ferrari
  6. The Mountain Goats – Palmcorder Yajna
  7. The Thermals – Pillar of Salt
  8. The Slackers – Peculiar
  9. Clutch – 10,000 Witnesses
  10. Primus – Mr. Knowitall
  11. Return to Forever – Sofistifunk
  12. The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You
  13. Les Savy Fav – Dishonest Dan, Pt. 2
  14. The Dismemberment Plan – Girl O’Clock
  15. The Buzzcocks – Oh Shit
  16. Mojo Nixon – Girlfriend in a Coma
  17. Gitfiddle Jim – Paddlin’ Madeline blues
  18. The Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace
  19. Bad Brains – I Against I
  20. Fishbone – Housework

note: there’s a bit of a glitch in the Mojo Nixon track and I apologize for that. Also, I’ll work on getting my voice levels higher for the next one.