#25 – Westbound and Down


Brian and Judy catch up and talk about the tool-related stuff they’re doing at TechKnowledge 2013, which focuses on productivity tools. And we talk about other things we’re looking forward to in 2013.

The drinks

Brian drank Port Wine Porter from a homebrew buddy, the Brew Consultant.

Judy drank Proletariat Red from Lompoc Brewing

The links

#12: Go Be Awesome


In this very special guest episode, we talk with Jason Early, founder of Gruntmonkey, about being a Designer. Plain and simple.

The Drinks

Jason drank: Grimbergen Dubbel.

Brian drank: Left Coast Brewing Company Una Mas Amber.

Judy drank: Fremont Brewery Interurban IPA.

The Links

#8: This One Time… At DevLearn…


We’re back after a longer-than-expected layoff.

The drinks:

Judy drank Samuel Smith Winter Welcome 2011.

Brian drank Saint Arnold Santo.

We didn’t get a chance to drink the Dark Lord Stout that Aaron Silvers brought us. We’ll save it for a future episode.

The links:

Also, we followed up with Allen Technologies on some of the questions that we raised about ZebraZapps in this episode. We invite them to comment after they’ve had a chance to listen. Congratulations again on the launch!

#7: Hire McGyver


Brian, Judy, and special guest Kevin “Nuggethead” Thorn discuss tools and processes for instructional and graphic design, including thoughts on prototyping and storyboarding.

The drinks:

Brian drank Piraat Ale

Judy drank Kiwanda Cream Ale

Kevin drank Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

The links:

Judy had a few minor issues with her mic in the beginning – please excuse the static.

#5: iOS Apps for Learning


Judy finally got an iPad, so we finally get to talk about iOS apps for learning. Also, we update the masses on our favorite soon-to-not-be-vaporware, ZebraZapps and Storyline.

The drinks:

Brian drank Moose Drool Brown Ale

Judy drank Conflux No. 2

The links:

Learning Apps:

Other Apps: