#0086 – Music for Melancholy

Melancholy is this show’s theme. More precisely, how music moves me from feeling melancholy to feeling more upbeat. We all feel melancholy from time to time, for many different reasons. Lost or unrequited love, loss of a dream, even a rainy day. whatever the reason we have all been there.

When I feel melancholy I like to first live with it for a while, then listen to songs that sweep the melancholy away.

Rock Island, WI at sunset

Move from feeling melancholy to . . .well. . . better

1. The Who – Melancholia
2. Neil Young – Birds
3. Patty Loveless – Sorrowful Angels
4. Bob Dylan – Simple Twist of Fate
5. Ray Charles – A Fool for you
6. The Doors – The Changeling
7. Rolling Stones – Rocks Off
8. Steve Earl – Galway Girl
9. The Grateful Dead – Scarlet Begonias
10. The Allman Brothers – Blue Sky
11. The Ramones – California Sun

#0077 – More Songs from the Closet

For all of you who still listen to the “Dream A Little Dream” soundtrack or can’t stop singing Billy Ocean tunes to yourself — this is that kind of mix.



First off, it’s my birthday and I just want to say that I feel very humbled that I have so many friends (not just “friends”) who genuinely like me both because of and in spite of my quirks.  One such quirk is illuminating the seedy underbelly of your musical tastes.  Yes, for all of you guys who still listen to the “Dream A Little Dream” soundtrack or can’t stop singing Billy Ocean tunes to yourself — this is that kind of mix.

Behold… and weep:

  • Bob Dylan – The Man in Me
  • Climax Blues Band – Couldn’t Get It Right
  • Hall & Oates – Private Eyes
  • Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands
  • Steve Winwood – Take It as It Comes
  • Tom Petty – Zombie Zoo
  • Stevie Nicks – Stand Back
  • Thomas Dolby – Europa and the Pilot Twins
  • XTC – Making Plans for Nigel
  • Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – Enola Gay
  • Wang Chung – Praying to a New God
  • Yes – It Can Happen
  • Bonnie Tyler – It’s a Heartache
  • Boston – Can’tcha Say (You Believe in Me?)
  • Survivor – The Moment of Truth
  • Frank Stallone – Far From Over
  • Billy Joel – Big Man on Mulberry Street
  • Toto – Rosanna
  • Phil Collins – I Cannot Believe It’s True
  • Barbara Streisand (with Barry Gibb) – Guilty

#0040 – Higher Learning


DJ Scott: It’s always 4:20 on Radio Gen1us, and this week I’m bringing you some songs that are under the influence.  I know that there are some glaring snubs like Gunz ‘n Roses’ Mr. Brownstone, but I couldn’t DARE leave out deserving artists like Green Jello, could I?  COULD I? This playlist covers a lot of ground, from the ridiculous to the ridiculously awesome. 

Light up, listen up, and leave some feedback, dammit.

Tracklist (click a song title to buy the high quality, DRM-free MP3 from Amazon):

  1. Drugs Have Done Good Things – Bill Hicks
  2. Mary Jane – Rick James
  3. Because I Got High 2007 – Afroman
  4. Smoke Two Joints – Richard Cheese
  5. Hits From The Bong – Cypress Hill
  6. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
  7. Magic Medicine – Incubus
  8. Trippin’ On XTC – Green Jello
  9. Cocaine Blues (Live) – Johnny Cash
  10. Tell It To Me – Old Crow Medicine Show
  11. Cocaine – Eric Clapton
  12. Cocaine – Bob Dylan
  13. The Needle And The Spoon – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  14. Golden Brown – The Stranglers
  15. Chinese Rock – The Ramones
  16. Junkhead – Alice in Chains
  17. The Slow Drug – PJ Harvey
  18. I Want A New Drug – Huey Lewis & The News

Listener Problems Sought!

I’ll be providing boundless wisdom and brilliant advice in my future Dear DJ mix.  I need you to send me your problems, so that I can address them in words and, more importantly, in song.  I liked the Long Distance Dedications mix so much, that I thought this would be fun.  Your problems can be real, fictional, serious, funny, first-person, third-person, anonymous, whatever.  Just send them over to me at cuppycup@gmail.com and I’ll turn your life around.  Please make your letters similar to the Dear Abby style, but maybe less wordy.  Several examples can be found here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/linkset/2005/03/25/LI2005032502583.html  

#0032 – File under: The Battle of the Bobs

Bob Marley owns all other Bobs in popular music.


  1. Positve Vibrations
  2. D’yer Maker – Led Zeppelin
  3. Crazy Baldhead
  4. The Act We Act – Sugar
  5. Johnny Was
  6. Hurricane (Live) – Bob Dylan
  7. Showdown at Big Sky – Robbie Robertson
  8. Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack
  9. Concrete Jungle
  10. Heading Out to the Highway – Judas Priest
  11. Iron Lion Zion
  12. Night Moves – Bob Segar