#17 – Going Meta


For our one-year anniversary episode, we podcasted about podcasting — how The ToolBar and Emergent Radio were born, which tools we use, how our philosophies have changed, and lessons we’ve learned over the first year.

And… one more big thank-you to all of our guests during the first year: Kevin Thorn, Julie Dirksen, Diane Elkins, Jason Early, Aaron Silvers, David Kelly, and Steve Flowers.

Special thanks to Craig Wiggins (@oxala75), as well, for interacting and pushing us forward (and forcing his people to listen).

The drinks:

Brian drank Yellow Snow IPA* from Rogue

Judy drank Organic Hopworks IPA from HUB

* The real story, from the nice folks at Rogue Brewery: “Yellow Snow is the same product that we have brewed for the past 10 yrs…..maybe you remember the original edition back in 2001 and 2002 which actually was a Pale Ale. Yellow Snow has been an IPA since 2003.”

The links:

#6: Blondes and Wish Lists


Judy and Brian discuss our wish list for awesome elearning development software. We also rant a bit about the undesirable popularity of PowerPoint to Flash conversion tools.

Our snarkiest episode yet!

The drinks:

Judy drank Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale

Brian drank Shiner Blonde

The links:

*Correction: In the show, Brian said Shiner Bock didn’t come around for quite a while after the original Shiner (which is now called Blonde), but it was only four years later that they started brewing the Bock, in 1913. (via Wikipedia)

*Addition: One feature Brian forgot to mention in the show is version control.

*Addition: There was at least one more excellent quote after we stopped the show, but kept recording. We should totally put that here.

#5: iOS Apps for Learning


Judy finally got an iPad, so we finally get to talk about iOS apps for learning. Also, we update the masses on our favorite soon-to-not-be-vaporware, ZebraZapps and Storyline.

The drinks:

Brian drank Moose Drool Brown Ale

Judy drank Conflux No. 2

The links:

Learning Apps:

Other Apps: