#0097 – IRON DJ Graduation edition: 1988

It’s IRON DJ time again! Which means that a bunch of people are going to upload themed mixes and try to compete with me! Unfortunately for them, not only do I have unbeatable taste in music, but this time around I even have the IRON DJ theme going for me: GRADUATION YEAR.

The idea is to put together a mix where the theme is the year you graduated high school.  I graduated in 1988, and there was so much good music made that year that I could have made 3 mixes that would blow your mind.

But instead I made this one.  It’s semi-autobiographical, in that for the most part, the songs are played in the order in which I discovered them.  Not all of this is music I’d have listened to back in 1988, but it’s all great.  I hope you dig the mix, and whether you do or not, leave me some feedback in the comments please!

1. Danzig – Mother
2. INXS – Devil Inside
3. Living Colour – Desperate People
4. The Church – Reptile
5. Dead Milkmen – Stuart
6. They Might Be Giants – Ana Ng
7. The Pursuit Of Happiness – I’m An Adult Now
8. Bad Religion – What Can You Do?
9. Fishbone – Bonin’ In The Boneyard
10. Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song
11. Pixies – Gigantic
12. Fugazi – Give Me The Cure
13. Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane
14. The Pogues – Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six
15. The Waterboys – World Party
16. Dinosaur Jr. – Freak Scene
17. Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot
18. Galaxie 500 – Temperature’s Rising


#0081 – May the road rise to meet you

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day yet of course, but it’s coming up, today is the Saturday before, and I’ll wager many of you are already enjoying the holiday cheer.

I’m more ignorant of my Irish heritage than I’d wish to be, but there isn’t anybody left to teach it to me at this point, so I have to content myself with the Americanized version.  And I like it well enough; I’ve seen Darby O’Gill and the Little People more times than I’d care to admit, I love a good dark ale, I vote early and often and I have a ton of kids.

But one part of that heritage I’d love to explore is the music.  I love the idea of the traditional music session, where talented local musicians gather around their favorite table in the local pub and play sets of traditional reels and jigs.  I also love the modern take on Irish folk music from bands like the Pogues, and even the Irish-influenced punk and metal bands out there.  And yes I probably do like the Pogues too much, what’s it to you?  So anyway, I’ve put together a little mix for all of you, and I hope you’ll give it a listen during your St. Patrick’s Day festivities and that it’ll help you get into the spirit that much more.


  1. The Pogues – Mountain Dew
  2. The Fenians – Come Out Ye Black & Tans
  3. David Kincaid – Kelly’s Irish Brigade
  4. Dropkick Murphys – Worker’s Song
  5. Stiff Little Fingers – Tin Soldiers
  6. Flogging Molly – Factory Girls
  7. The Waterboys – And a Bang on the Ear
  8. Various (Music at Matt Molloy’s) – Cape Breton Jigs, McGurk’s
  9. Various (Music at Matt Molloy’s) – Kilkelly
  10. Waylander – Bru Na Boinne
  11. Cruachan – The Very Wild Rover
  12. The Pogues – Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road To Dublin/The Galway Races
  13. The Bothy Band – Old Hag You Have Killed Me
  14. Shane Macgowan and the Popes – More Pricks Than Kicks
  15. The Dubliners – Fields Of Athenry
  16. Lúnasa – O’Carolan’s Welcome/Rolling In The Barrel
  17. The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God

#0078 – Get Up to Get Down

In another first for Radio Gen1us, Jim and Aaron tag-team to bring you the most awesomest mix so far this… month! No voiceover. No explicit lyrics (or hardly recognizable). You can’t help but move to your own beat listening to this mix.


In another first for Radio Gen1us, Jim and Aaron tag-team to bring you the most awesomest mix so far this… month!  No voiceover.  No explicit lyrics (or hardly recognizable).  You can’t help but move to your own beat listening to this mix.

Aaron:  We wanted to do something stemming from all the excitement and joy around the Inauguration.  And even though the times are certainly getting tight for us and everyone we know, we’re doing our best to keep spirits up.  We started each with a set of songs with the premise of being positive, but not love songs or not overly sappy songs. This was a challenge for me, because I have a certain leaning to going ironic and witty.  Fortunately, when it came time to actually get together we scrapped that.  There could easily be an entire episode with just us talking about how we collaborated on this mix, working off each other and how we generally approach putting together mixes, but this time we’re just going to make you shake your money maker.

Jim:  He should have called it “Jim and Aaron at Tanagra.”  2 playlists met in the vasty deep and their captains could only communicate in the language of music.  We didn’t have time to put together any voiceovers but the mix doesn’t need it ’cause I think if you check it out you’ll be feeling us by the end.  Like Aaron said, we started out trying to do an upbeat celebrational inaugurational mix, but the conversation ended up in other places.  Darmok, baby.  Darmok.

  1. The Beach Boys – Dance, Dance, Dance
  2. Was, Not Was – Walk the Dinosaur
  3. The Spinners – Rubberband Man
  4. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Up Around the Bend
  5. The Submarines – You, Me and the Bourgeoisie
  6. The Hold Steady – How a Resurrection Really Feels
  7. The Call – Let the Day Begin
  8. The Beastie Boys – Stand Together
  9. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Young Nation Mix)
  10. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
  11. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough
  12. Luther Allison – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  13. Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine
  14. Al Green – Take Me to the River
  15. Matisyahu – King Without a Crown
  16. The Pogues – Fiesta

#0027 – File under: Generation Xmas


Happy Holiday Season to you, regardless of your affinity or affiliation.  This mix contains holiday-themed tunes by MXPX, The Ramones, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Elvis Presley, Barenaked Ladies, Nerf Herder, The Eels, South Park, Clarence Carter, Otis Redding, MC Chris, Run-DMC, Bing Crosby, Fall Out Boy, No Doubt, The Walkmen, Dylan Thomas, David Bowie, The Pogues and Wham!