The Second Gilded Age


(Kevin) – Last month or so I saw a terrific Bill Moyers episode on PBS called the Second Gilded Age, and that show inspired this heavy, hardcore mix, which I’ve cleverly named, The Second Gilded Age. The 3 videos that make up the show are available here, if interested . I listen to mixes over and over, and I like to put in samples of things that I either think are funny, disturbing, or that make me think about something, and these samples are designed to keep what’s happening today in the USA fresh in my mind when I listen to this mix. I like to drill key concepts into my own brain.  EAT THE RICH! Or at least the bad ones, anyway.

  1. Hear this Prayer for Her – Kingdom of Sorrow
  2. Confrontation – Otep
  3. Watch Yourself – Ministry
  4. The Death and Resurrection Show – Killing Joke
  5. Are We Alive? – Terror
  6. Gasping for Air – Jungle Rot
  7. Stand As One – Strife
  8. Surrender to Your TV – Shelter
  9. Seeing Red – Minor Threat
  10. Kill Your Idols – Static X
  11. As the Coil Unwinds – The Destro
  12. Deliverance – Earth Crisis
  13. Striving Higher for a Better Life – Warzone
  14. Coma America – Amen
  15. Build a Nation – Bad Brains
  16. F*** It All – Death Before Dishonor
  17. Mindlock / Iced – Malevolent Creation
  18. Modern Age Slavery – Beneath the Massacre
  19. God, I Hope the Data is Lying – Zombie Apocalypse
  20. Repeat Process – 100 Demons

Also, for anyone who likes the heavy stuff, I’ve re-issued the now-classic Vociferous Convulsant heavy mix. I liked the flow of songs on the mix, but after one listen was tired of hearing myself talk so much, so I went back and cut most of the audio out to a bare minimum, which also had the added benefit of getting the mix down to an hour. So, if you like these mixes, check this one out again.