3 thoughts on “#1: A Zebra Sighting”

  1. Wow- how did I not hear of Zebra Zapps until now? Thanks for bringing up this new tool.
    On the surface I feel the same aversion to the name “Zebra Zapps” as I do the name “SurveyMonkey.” However, I’ve come to accept SurveyMonkey since it has the features we need for course evaluations, but I still wish they would ditch the monkey, and get a name that doesn’t sound so juvenile.
    I’m intrigued by what you said about Zebra Zapps containing objects (is it object oriented?), but… it only creates Flash files? :-|. I used to love Flash, but thinking “forward-compatibility” I feel nervous every time I create something that relies on Flash now because of Apple’s boycott of anything Flash in iOS. (In other words, who knows if the Articulate projects I’m creating now will be dead in the water in a couple of years?)
    Google does have an interesting project going on to convert SWF to HTML5: http://swiffy.googlelabs.com/
    But it only handles simple Flash files (banner ad type stuff), and I doubt anything would convert something sophisticated without issues.

    1. Hi, Will!
      I actually tried a couple of things on Swiffy and I wasn’t really able to get it to work yet, but I plan to keep trying and report back. I think it was just system load at the time. And I think both Brian and I are in complete agreement with you about the Flash export being a serious downside to Zebra. We’ll keep you in the loop!

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