9 thoughts on “#13: The Bitter Episode”

  1. Really liked hearing your perspective on the “courses” issue. I notice that most of your discussions focus on e-learning in the business world. There are some interesting differences and similarities with issues on course development in the academic world. Would love to hear more from you or your guests about some of the challenges for design and development in the academic arena. Also your thoughts on how some of this is changing education (MIT OpenCourseWare, etc.)

  2. An oddly satisfying episode.
    Also (like Mike Taylor), I heart the term ‘navigation rage’ and plan to make it my own.

    1. Heh. We (and our listeners) are somewhat conflicted over this episode, so I’ll put “oddly satisfying” in the “win” column. Hey… life’s boring in the middle of the road, right?

      Last night we recorded with Aaron. Just for you. Pretty sure it will be released in multiple mini-episodes, maybe in a boxed set with embossed graphics. Like Game of Thrones, but with somewhat less beheading.

      1. lol
        less beheading! more roleplaying game cards! #pathtobroadcastingsuccess

        (seriously tho, i really am looking forward to The Aaron episode. Of The Toolbar, not GoT.)

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