#8: This One Time… At DevLearn…


We’re back after a longer-than-expected layoff.

The drinks:

Judy drank Samuel Smith Winter Welcome 2011.

Brian drank Saint Arnold Santo.

We didn’t get a chance to drink the Dark Lord Stout that Aaron Silvers brought us. We’ll save it for a future episode.

The links:

Also, we followed up with Allen Technologies on some of the questions that we raised about ZebraZapps in this episode. We invite them to comment after they’ve had a chance to listen. Congratulations again on the launch!

4 thoughts on “#8: This One Time… At DevLearn…”

  1. Hi guys,

    Thanks for reporting on ZebraZapps. I’m pleased to report we’ve got a variety of exciting things happening in our labs with regard to publishing Zapps to multiple platforms including (but not limited to) HTML5. We are focusing particularly on making the experience as close to identical as appropriate to a given medium. We want to be sure our expectations for parity are met before this is released, since we know our users’ expectations are deservedly high!

    I should mention: we’d love to hear from folks how and where you would like to see and use your own Zapps.

    Oh, also, you have made some fine beverage choices indeed!

    Cheers and Happy Holidays,
    Patrick Krekelberg
    Allen Learning Technologies, LLC

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