#9: Usability. Don’t Be a Moron.


Brian, Judy, and special guest Julie “Usable Learning” Dirksen discuss usability, why you should care about it, how to start making sure your courses meet “table stakes”, and of course, Julie’s brand-new book, Design for How People Learn.

The drinks:

Brian drank St. Arnold Christmas Ale

Judy drank Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Julie drank Woodchuck Dark and Dry Cider

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8 thoughts on “#9: Usability. Don’t Be a Moron.”

  1. Judy – I would love to see some examples of things you’ve built with Zebra. Do you have any you’d be willing to share?

    1. Dan, I’d certainly be willing to share, but honestly, I haven’t played with it in months and anything I did before then is not really completed work. I’m planning to get some use out of my 60-day trial soon, so I’ll post back here when I make something worth sharing.

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