#5: iOS Apps for Learning


Judy finally got an iPad, so we finally get to talk about iOS apps for learning. Also, we update the masses on our favorite soon-to-not-be-vaporware, ZebraZapps and Storyline.

The drinks:

Brian drank Moose Drool Brown Ale

Judy drank Conflux No. 2

The links:

Learning Apps:

Other Apps:

5 thoughts on “#5: iOS Apps for Learning”

  1. Hi Judy and Brian,
    Love your podcast and thanks for reviewing Instructional Design Guru! In reference to your discussion about ID Guru, I suspect you may be thinking too narrowly about how apps are used. In terms of providing performance support, mobile can be superior to using a website. In other words, having mobile reference information at your fingertips improves convenience, provides quicker access, is always available (for native apps) and can be used when you’re not in front of a computer, such as during meetings, hallway discussions, in the classroom, etc. I’ve used it to look up words while eating lunch with a friend. (Of course, I’m particularly boring.) You can also just read a reference app wherever you are. I own quite a few ref apps and actually do that! Bottom line: they are much more than a website replacement.

    Anyway thanks again and best wishes for success with your great podcast.

    1. Hi, Connie! I agree with you 100% about those advantages of native apps and believe we mentioned pretty much the same in regard to ID Guru. But I try to think beyond those as well, to advantages that might be gained by integration with the device. Not all mobile apps have those, and that’s fine, but I think it’s instructional to consider those possibilities in reviews, as well. Good luck with ID Guru — I think it’s a good app and I look forward to more!

  2. Love your podcasts! Is there any chance you’d consider using iTunes as a listening option? I sure would appreciate it.

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